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September 29, 2013


After a very successful 2012, we entered 2013 with high hopes for an even better year. Unfortunately, while many new customers joined us on our trips, this year has fallen short in terms of sales. Once again, we’ve had to decide whether to keep moving forward--hoping that things improve--or let go of what isn’t working and keep what is.

What we’ve decided to do is to continue providing custom group trip coordination and consulting services for school groups, businesses, and other community organizations and discontinue offering our own retail trips.

It’s incredibly disappointing to have to make this decision and we’d like to place the blame solely on the economy; however, it’s quite possible that we have not been offering the types of trips that our customers want. Being based in a county with almost 66,000 residents, never did we expect to have so much difficulty filling seats on a 47-passenger motorcoach! If we’ve missed the mark on the trips that we’ve been offering, then it’s critical to stop doing what we’ve been doing.

We tried. And we tried again. And, who knows, one day down the road, we just may try it again to see if the third time really IS the charm. But for now, we want to thank everyone who supported our retail trip business this year and we look forward to continuing with our custom group trip planning services in the years ahead. Regards,

Debbie Davis – Owner, Davis Day Trips 

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